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Doug LaRose, EqDT

Doug graduated from the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Glenns Ferry, ID in 1998 with the intention of simply maintaining his own horses' teeth. He decided to become an equine dental technician after being unhappy with the dental service he was receiving for his own horses, so he understands and appreciates a horse owner's perspective .


As word spread about Doug's expertise, his intended hobby quickly grew into a thriving full-time, 6 day/week business. Being based in the mid-Michigan area means that he is easily able to support thousands of dedicated clients whom we now serve all over the state.


Doug believes that balancing a horse's mouth is not a specialty or a new concept; it's an expectation for routine dental care and not a premium service as some may advertise. Having thousands of clients, having been in practice for over 25 years, and having the endorsement of DVMs all over the state proves that sedation is not necessary to perform a complete float with hand tools. Horses don't learn anything when they are sedated and Doug uses every moment with a horse as a teaching moment. Horse owners who choose to avoid the risk of sedation, especially for their elder horses or rescues with unknown histories, are especially grateful for Doug's unique service. 


You won't see us invest in much advertising because word of mouth is better than any advertising investment. We prefer to keep our costs low in order to pass those savings along to you. DVMs from all over the state endorse Doug's work and refer their clients to LaRose Equine Dentistry.


Doug has owned horses for over 30 years; breeding, raising, and showing, and be brings this experience to every farm call. He is happily married to his wife, Jen, who sometimes accompanies him on weekend farm calls and clinics. Jen helps manage the business and does all of the scheduling.


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People choose LaRose Equine Dentistry because they:

  • care about the quality of dental care their horse receives

  • choose to avoid the risk of any sort of sedation or restraint for their horse's routine dental care

  • have been unhappy with the way others have floated or handled their horses in the past

  • are educated enough about equine dental care basics to understand that a thorough annual visit can be accomplished without sedation or power tools

  • recognize the value in every moment being a teaching moment for their horse, including routine dental care 

  • ultimately value Doug's skills as a horseman and his 25+ years of experience as an EqDT


Doug is the most requested and most referred EqDT in the state and floats anywhere from 75-120 horses/week depending on the season, so we thank you in advance for your patience with our scheduling process.


For your convenience, we accept appointment requests by phone, text, email, webform, or via our business page on Facebook. You will get a response within 24 hrs of your inquiry.


Please click on "More Scheduling Information" directly below, or click above on the Scheduling tab to find contact information and our webform for appointment requests.


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