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People choose LaRose Equine Dentistry because they:

  • care about the quality of dental care their horse receives

  • choose to avoid the risk of any sort of sedation for their horse's routine dental care

  • have been unhappy with the way others have floated or handled their horses in the past

  • appreciate our reasonable rates and the fact that we do not charge a farm call or "nickle & dime" our clients

  • ultimately value Doug's skills as a horseman and his 19 years of experience as an EqDT


Doug is the most requested and most referred EqDT in the state, so we thank you in advance for your patience with scheduling.


For your convenience, we accept appointment requests by phone, text, email, webform, or via our business page on Facebook. For messages left by voicemail, however, please expect a delay in response.


Please click on "More Scheduling Information" directly below, or click above on the Scheduling tab to find contact information and our webform for appointment requests.


Be sure to ‘like us’ on Facebook and take some time to read client comments and view photos/videos! You may have to select "Posts by Others" to view comments.


Doug LaRose, EqDT

Doug decided to become an equine dental technician after being unhappy with the dental service he was receiving for his own horses.

After graduating from the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Glenns Ferry, ID in 1998, he only intended to maintain his own horses' teeth until friends learned of his training. Word soon spread about Doug's talent and natural dentistry techniques and he now has thousands of clients throughout Michigan.

Doug has owned horses for over 30 years; breeding, raising, and showing. He currently owns six equines: two Quarter horses (a broodmare and a performance horses), two Clydesdales used for trail riding, and our newest addition: a mini donkey who is here for enterainment value! 


Doug is happily married to Jen LaRose who accompanies him on weekend client calls, for clinics, and some days when large barns are scheduled. Jen helps manage the business and does all of the scheduling. Doug also has a son, Jeremy, and two stepdaughters, Erika and Emma, of whom he is very proud.


Now accepting Spring 2018 appointment requests!!


20 years of excellence in equine dental care!

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