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Please note: Our service area is limited to Michigan (USA) only.

For the fastest response, appointments can be requested via:


You may also contact us via email or Facebook:




We do have auto-responses set up for email and Facebook but you will receive a personal response to any inquiry in the same manner as your contact with us. Be sure to CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK folders if you emailed us and did not receive a reply within 24 hours.


How We Schedule:


Doug's wife, Jen, manages all of the scheduling and can be reached at 989.430.8595 if you prefer to contact us directly. She can also answer any general questions that you might have about our practice.


For your own planning purposes in terms of appointment duration, we typically allow 20-30 minutes per horse, but appointment duration will vary. You will be quoted a time range for Doug's arrival and, if requested, Doug will contact you when he is enroute to your barn on the day of your appointment. 

Scheduling Info 

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Doug LaRose, EqDT

​Due to the demand for our services, an appointment time will only be reserved for 24 hrs after it is offered.

If we do not hear from you confirming that date/time within 24 hours, your appointment may be released for someone else. 

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Winter Scheduling Policy

Please navigate to this page to see information about our Winter Scheduling Policy:

Scheduling Changes:


If your headcount increases (even by one) from the time your appointment is confirmed, and especially if you wish for Doug to stop in at your neighbor's farm down the road, please call at least 24 hours in advance to confirm that your additional horses can be accommodated in the schedule for that day without affecting other clients’ appointments. If the extra horses can be accommodated, we will happily do so. Otherwise, we can confirm a different date/time for the extra horse(s) being requested.


We do our best to minimize the impact of schedule changes on our clients, especially since we recognize that some of you need to take time off of work for your appointment, but there are times that scheduling changes are unavoidable. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding.

Request an Appointment
  • If Doug is at your barn every year for your horse(s), please use the first button to complete your appointment request.

  • If you do not schedule annually with us, or if you are a new client, we need more information from you. Please use the second button to complete your appointment request.

Use this button if Doug has been to your barn for your horse(s) within the last 12 months:

Use this button if Doug has not been to your barn for your horse(e) within the last 12 months

OR if

You are a NEW CLIENT:

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