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The Age of Your Horse

This poem is taught to aspiring dental technicians in order to help properly age a horse for a client:

To tell the age of any horse

Inspect the lower jaw of course;
The six front teeth the tale will tell,
And every doubt and fear dispel.

Two middle nippers you behold
Before the colt is two weeks old;
Before eight weeks two more will come
Eight months: the corners cut the gum.

At two the middle "Nippers" drop:
At three the second pair can't stop;
When four years old the third pair goes,
At five a full new set he shows.

The deep black spots will pass from view
At six years from the middle two;
The second pair at seven years;
At eight the spot each corner clears.

From the middle "Nippers" upper jaw
At nine the black spots will withdraw.
The second pair at ten are bright;
Eleven finds the corners light.

As time goes on the horsemen know
The oval teeth three-sided grow;
Then longer get - project before -
Till twenty, when they know no more


1.   One year old
2.   Two year old
3.   Three year old
4.   Four year old
5.   Five year old
6.   Six year old
7.   Seven year old
8.   Nine year old
9.   Eleven years old
10. Thirteen years old
11. Fifteen years old
12. Seventeen years old

You can also view the incisors from the side profile to determine a horse's average age range. As the horse ages, the angle of the incisors changes and becomes more severe.​

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